Rep. Ted Lieu clashed with Republicans on Friday for taking part in a sound clip-on your house floor of migrant children crying on a detention center.

Rep. Karen Handel (R-Ga.), who was presiding within the chamber, said the California Democrat broke your house rule that prohibits members from playing sound from electronics. She called on him to prevent playing the clip.

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“Why shall we be held hiding this in the American people?” Lieu responded. “I think the United states citizens must hear this.”

Lieu’s move comes days after President Mr . trump reversed his administration’s policy of splitting up migrant families who crossed the border illegally. But Trump’s executive order leaves unclear after that get lucky and the greater than 2,300 children already separated from other parents.

“Imagine being ripped from the mum or dad without knowing if you are ever gonna see them again, after which it being placed into a detention facility with strangers. Think about horror and fear you’ll see doing that. What must that could be seen as?” Lieu said and began playing the clip from ProPublica.

Lieu sincerely been a audio clip for as much as 30 seconds before Handel banged her gavel and called on him to suspend, citing House Rule 17.

“The gentleman is set in breach of decorum,” Handel said.

Lieu argued you cannot find any rule that prohibits lawmakers from playing audio of any detention center. He stood within the podium near to a photograph of immigrants in a very detention center engrossed in foil blankets. Multiple people gathered over the rostrum with Handel and checked what were a booklet.

Handel continued to bang the gavel and repeat: “The gentleman will suspend.”

After about a few moments, Lieu stopped playing the clip.

“I yield back,” he said.


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