“Georgian banking technique is trustworthy and our world’s investors are our shareholders,”said Mamuka Khazaradze inside an interview with Anaklia magazine.

Businessmen thinks that Anaklia has a possibility to become the financial center of the region.

“While you tell multinational companies and people that you’re a shortcut between East and West, it’s also wise to feature an probability to bring office infrastructure, production and human resources.

They ought to be prepared open permanent representations here, where cargo shall be conducted from Europe to Asia.

That’s why Anaklia must become hub of international companies. Once international offices are launched, financial support one is the most possible.

Georgia is actually a unique country locally, which 2 bank operates with the London Wall street game market and both being participants of ”FTSE 250”.

This ensures that Georgia’s banking system is trusted and investors throughout the planet are our shareholders.

We have this resource therefore we becomes financial center in the neighborhood. The long-term development perspective for that country should be to attract neighboring finances in Georgia. It is known as ”Switzerland with the Caucasus” or any other thing – the is made for this, so we have active players i the united states that should address this method,”said Khazaradze.


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