Bank of Georgia stakeholders have approved rules of payment of salaries to men and women the supervisory board.

Starting May 21, 2018 earnings of the supervisory board members was determined in the following amount:

Annual salary to the supervisory board membership (before tax deduction):

  • Head of supervisory boardC 210 313 USD;
  • Deputy head of the supervisory board C97 820 USD
  • Supervisory board member C 73 365 USD

Additional annual salaries towards committee members (before tax deduction)

  • Head of your auditing committee – 17 520 USD
  • Member of your auditing committee C12 848 USD
  • Head in the risks committee C 17 333 USD
  • Member with the risks committee C 8 760 USD
  • Head in the salaries committeeC 12 848 USD
  • ?Part of the salaries committeeC 8 760 USD


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