Scarborough-based Stuart’s Foods has acquired S Clift Grimsby in a deal that may eventually become worth 500,000.

Stuart’s said purchasing is part of ongoing efforts for being the ‘got-to’ brand for ethically-sourced ingredients while in the North.

The company currently serves some 800 customers across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

It now adds S Clift’s premises and 13 staff.

In recognition of S Clift’s heritage strong customer and supplier relationships, Stuart’s claimed it intends to maintain company name.

The company offers to invest an extra 500,000 into S Clift covering the next 5yrs, with modernising upgrades including obtaining industry food handling accreditations and new refrigerated vans.

Stuart’s said this is apt to be the first within a ongoing acquisition process because company looks to increase its footprint.

Stuart’s Managing Director, Damian Howarth, said: “The purchase of S Clift- was really a natural fit for folks, as a very customer focused business having a strong reputation and heritage like your own.”


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