TBC Ertguli Card starts the latest summer action. From August 1 users, who can get services at Ajara objects, will?get 5 times more loyalty points.

Points are collected as by collecting at partner companies, together with using TBC terminal.

The action applies only through loyal and prime card payment. One collected score is equivalent to one GEL.

It is quite possible to acquire maximum of 200 points in the action.

Ertguli is usually a loyalty program in which TBC Bank any card holders can collect points when choosing anything at partner objects. Together with the credit card in the client, the buyer can instantly get installment which has no additional procedures.

pay the tax on all the merchants of the loyalty, without additional procedures.

Getting the greeting card is obtainable on websites: https://ertguli.ge/GetCard or at any branch of TBC Bank.


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