A Central American migrant sits into the border structure separating Mexico, left, plus the Us, right, as U.S. Border Patrol agents look on, right, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018, seen from Tijuana, Mexico. Migrants inside a caravan of Central Americans scrambled to get to the U.S. border, catching rides on buses and trucks for countless miles in the past leg of their total journey Wednesday since the first sizable groups began arriving inside border city of Tijuana. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Border Patrol agents say?69 migrants they are under arrest following your migrant caravan attempt to force their way all over the U.S. border.

San Diego Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott confirmed the report within the interview on Monday, adding virtually all those arrested were adult men.

Scott also said agents only resorted to getting tear gas to deter migrants after members begin to pelt U.S. officials with rocks.

In item the arrests, the Mexican government is about to deport up to a whopping 500 migrants they claim aimed to enter in the U.S. violently and illegally.

Reports suggest Mexico has now deported roughly 100.


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