New emails show Jerome Corsi was dealing with any Wikileaks document fourteen days prior to when the relieve of the hacked emails.

The special counsel is looking within an email sent by Corsi to former-Trump campaign aide Roger Stone, in line with documents revealed today.

In an e-mail composed by Corsi on August 2nd, 2016 he admits that, “word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps,” which generally seems to show premeditated information about the eventual Wikileaks release.

Stone, on the other hand, has since replied to the claim saying the e-mail isn’t able to prove he, nor Corsi, is well aware of the Wikileaks archive or maybe the Podesta emails.

In an interview shortly thereafter, Corsi reiterated his defense for the allegations, saying:

“Now, why did I believe they [the emails] were coming out in October? Well I believed to myself, ‘merely had these emails, I’d use them as a possible October surprise,’ and why did I believe they might turn out serially, drip-by-drip? Because Assange is incredibly strategic, he understands the news cycle.”

The exchange between Corsi and Stone, it’s important to note, referenced Hillary Clinton’s health.

However, the information these were talking about was not ever released or detailed from a Wikileaks document dump.


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