President Trump doubles on his administration’s stance relating to defending the southern border.

On Monday, the president defended border patrol agents for utilizing tear gas, after people the migrant caravan aimed to violently rush the U.S. border.

A migrant runs from tear gas launched by U.S. agents, amid men and women the press within the Mexico-U.S. border, after a band of migrants got past Mexican police with the Chaparral crossing in Tijuana, Mexico, Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018. The mayor of Tijuana has declared a humanitarian crisis in their border city and states that he has asked the Not for make it easier to handle the approximately 5,000 Central American migrants who may have came to the town. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

He added it wasn’t along with children behind the incident, despite what are the mainstream media would’ve people believe.

He explained should the culprits were merely innocent asylum, they wouldn’t be facing deportation from Mexican authorities.

Speaking on a meeting in Mississippi, the president stood firm on his call to permanently close the border should similar situations happen in the near future.

“I said just look, if they come here, we’re going to say, we’re intending to apprehend them or we’re planning to close the border that’s certainly not been completed to the extent that I’m getting this done, since i mean it and I’ll close it for a long time. And also as far as trade is anxious, that’s OK because Mexico frankly is doing effectively with trade and the United States. So, we may close it and we’ll keeping it closed, if we’re visiting have issues.” -President Trump

Around 500 migrants were reportedly involved in the rush. This after U.S. authorities reportedly detained a different 69 migrants for illegally crossing the border on Monday, after Mexican border officials reported arresting 39 migrants in Tijuana earlier that particular day.


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