”Say Farewell to Banks” is really a beginning of Space, management of their money application that simplifies daily banking service.?

For initially in region, thoroughly digital banking service – Space has launched. Space is aka Neobank, that doesn’t possess any branch offices or physical spaces, and exists just on mobile phone devices. Space is user friendly and aims at giving simple, transparent and rapid daily financial service.

By Space Beta version users can do following operations remotely:?

  • Sign up and open a bank account
  • Receive Space card for nothing at any address, around Georgia, by courier
  • Get that loan instantly, remotely, whenever avoiding beurocracy
  • ?Send money 24/7, to any bank through Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook and Viber
  • Manage other banks’ cards (it’s not nesessary to acquire Space take into account this operation)
  • Pay bills and charge phone’s balance

Space is distinguished featuring a unique design and minimalist approaches.

”We believe at Space, that future will be here. Modern technologies and innovations change our behaviors and simplify getting service. We consider, that daily banking had to be simpler therefore we created Space- the main digital neobank, that changes our attitude towards management of your capital,”- says Project Head, Lasha Gurgenidze.

”We came up with this concept A year ago, several people in TBC team and bank supported to implement this idea. Technology development and variations in user behavior may be a new challenge for banking market. I believe we’ve been on time to acknowledge this condition. Space is undoubtedly an independent brand and I feel, it will innovate in daily banking service field,”- said Nika Kurdiani, Deputy of TBC Bank General Director.

Space is accessible on App Store and Google Play. Visit website for extra information.


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