Yorkshire Building Society has get a “solid performance” for your first 1 / 2 of the age, prioritising customer satisfaction in its core mortgages and savings businesses.

Despite competitive market conditions, the Society boosted core operating gain 35% to 84.Two million C up from 62.5 million about the same period a year ago.

Profit before tax had also experienced a good rise at 92.3 million C up from 99.9 million recently.

In the very first 1 / 2 of 12 months, the Society offered borrowers most of the lowest rates on mortgages rising throughout the uk market, helping a lot more than 3,100 first-time buyers become homeowners, and continued in order to safeguard savers by rates which consistently beat this market average.

The Society continued to strengthen liquidity and capital positions, with liquidity securely above regulatory requirements at 5 billion (31 December 2016: 4.7 billion), total capital ratio increasing to 18.0% (31 December 2016: 17.3%) and leverage ratio rising to five.3% (31 December 2016: 5.1%).

Continuing to strive for excellence from the service it delivers to customers, the Society achieved fabric Promoter Score? of +42, greater than the year before and comparing favourably while using industry average of +6.

The Yorkshire retained its status on the list of UK’s most trustworthy financial services providers, consistently ranking while in the top three for customer trust.

Chief Executive Mike Regnier said: “Our priority would be to deliver long-term monetary value and excellent customer support. We now have strengthened our financial security through improved capital, leverage and liquidity positions and delivered a solid amount of profit to get a business in our size, that will be retained or reinvested in services.

“We’re being focused on the financial services which matter one of the most to your members C getting a home of their very own and saving for their futures.”


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